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I am happy to offer free, objective and no obligation information and referrals for the adoption process. I will help you find the right path for your journey.  You may initially choose one path and then choose another direction in your effort to find your child.  The home study can be changed and updated to reflect your needs.


Pre- and Post Adoption Consultations

I am happy to work with you at any phase of this process.  My experience, both personal and professional, offers a unique perspective on Adoption.


Domestic Private Adoption

A domestic private adoption is when clients are looking for their child by way of networking, and media advertising with the legal guidance of an attorney.


Domestic Agency Adoption

A domestic agency adoption is a choice to allow an agency to help you locate and screen potential adoption situations.


Step Parent/ Second Parent

The child is already yours; you now wish to have a second adult become your child’s legal parent as well.  Some courts will require a home study.



A child who has been adopted internationally and will now be adopted in the US Court System



In a matter where there is a dispute or concern about a child’s best interest, a home study can be performed to demonstrate the ability of the petitioners to provide a proper home for the concerned child or children.



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