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"The process of adoption from beginning to end can be a very bumpy road. As I used to say, it is the “crazy train and I want to get off” but with the support of some wonderful professionals, we have completed our family with two beautiful daughters. One of those professionals was Patti O’Connor. Patti helped us through our “Crazy Train." Completing the Home Study process can seem like a very scary part of getting certified to adopt. Our thoughts were that this stranger was going to come into our home and tell us we might not be able to adopt a baby because there were dirty dishes in the sink. Well, we could not have been more wrong. We immediately felt comfortable the moment Patti walked into our home. She is extremely warm and friendly. Even though Patti was doing her job and “interviewing” us for the paperwork, we felt like we were sitting around having coffee with an old friend.  While Patti is extremely professional and quick in getting together all the necessary paperwork to be submitted to the courts, she made the Home Study process so easy and smooth for us. We would not have this beautiful little family without her help."

Patti has such a big role in my adoption story... From the day she walked into my apartment for the home study I knew this was a special person on my journey. Patti made me feel so comfortable and shared stories that put my fears at ease. Her role continued as I had my ups and downs in the search for my baby.  When I was in the hospital Patti was one of the first people I contacted with the news of my beautiful daughter being born.  Patti is a true professional with the biggest heart. I am lucky to know her.



"We had an AMAZING experience using Patti as our Social Worker!  When you hear "social worker" you can get very intimidated, when we had our appointment for Patti to come to our house, that's exactly how we felt.  I mean, you go through SO much to get to this point and now it comes down to someone coming to your house and judging you.  On the morning on our first visit with Patti, we were so stiff and nervous, I'm talking cleaning the house for hours, lighting nice candles, having coffee and bagels and cookies ready, nervous!!  There was NO need, Patti came in and instantly made us feel relaxed, she's one of us I thought right off the bat.  She made our whole experience so much better that we looked forward to each and every visit with her, we were sad when it was over!  After we came home with our son, we couldn't wait for Patti to meet him because at this point she was family, that's how she makes you feel, like family.  Not like your being judged or watched, she makes everything easier, it all just flows smoothly.  No one could ask for a better social worker or person to help guide you through.  I would recommend no one except Patti, she not only sees it through to the end but she stays in contact even after, she's just always there if and when you need her, like an angel.  Something that could have been difficult and uncomfortable just felt like a few hours with a friend."

" Our journey started different we litterally started running we had no idea about anything "adoption" just the fact that we wanted to become fathers. My husband and I received a text message from our sister who said find a lawyer my patient is pregnant and is giving birth on Thursday keep in mind this was a Monday and it was Thanksgiving week. I took to Google and searched trying to get all my eggs in one basket. Turns out the birthmother changed her mind. Then I was able to do things a little different, found a great Lawyer who recomended Patti.  It was one of the best things so far that happened to us on this journey. Of course, the "googler" that I am I started cleaning the house and  changing furniture redecorating to make sure our home was in perfect condition.  When Patti walked into our home it was like all of our nerves disappeared. Sounds strange but she made made us comfortable in our own home. I think we even broke her record for the longest Home Study!  I would highly recomened Patti - she becomes an instant friend. "

-Joe and Gabe

"While we don't have experience dealing with social workers, we can attest that Patricia O'Connor (Aka "Patti"), is the best! Referred to us by our attorney who we recently retained for our domestic adoption here in NY, Patti performed our home study a few months ago.  As we were naturally nervous upon her arrival, she quickly made us feel extremely comfortable with her personal skills and she was very thorough and simply, just pleasant to deal with.  The type of person who immediately strikes you as one who you know will remain in your life and has your back when needed.  Further, as we continue with our adoption journey, even more recently, we encountered an interesting situation (that literally fell on our lap). My husband and I are also about to adopt a child from the Republic of Georgia!  Patti not only returned my email quickly, but if not for her, we would be going into the process completely blind. As Georgia is Hague Accredited, and one would think this is a good thing as the Country's laws prevent human trafficking, she referred us to an Agency who has expertise in the Country.  Long story short, we are completely confident to inform you that Patricia O'Connor is a social worker who truly cares about her clients.  It is clear that she is passionate about her job!  I'm sure having experience with adoption herself-as she too, is an adoptive parent- helps as well.  Her experience will enlighten you and her professionalism is evident!
-Tom & Mariana

Patti was extremely informative and supportive during my adoption process.  She was very thorough during the home study and it was wonderful to hear her personal experiences with the adoption process. I highly recommend Patti.  She is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Patti remains a friend today, 7 years after our first meeting. 


My husband and I were referred to Patti through an adoption agency for our home study.  Of course we were nervous about our home study visit but as soon as we met Patti, we instantly felt at ease.  She was very kind and sincere while remaining professional.  Patti is a very genuine person.  She has shared both her professional and personal experiences with us throughout our adoption journey for which we are so grateful.  She always seems to know the right words to say at the right time.  Whenever I had questions or concerns throughout the process, I would always feel better after having a conversation with Patti.  It has been a true blessing that she came into our lives and helped us through such an emotional time.  
-GM & CM


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